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My jeweler had a big suprise for me

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Went to get a battery installed and he told me he had something for me. A box of Seiko casing part catalogue microfiches from about 1983-1999. Guess I need to buy a viewer. Bad iphone pics but is showing fiche for JDM models from 1983.


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WoW :)
Unreal nice gesture. Maybe your local library can read and print out the pages you want..
Give that Jeweler a ......... " Big Hug and KISS ".
Get something for him in return
just to show you Love him so very much.
Go find a second hand viewer some where real quick, a cool one , sit and watch
" The Slide Movie Archives ".
Gulp !!! Do Share Please :)
There must have some interesting read.
Good find !
Very nice!, I usually find that the local library has microfiche readers and printers.
Now there is a find. And a very generous jeweler.
Congrats on it.

I can see lots of PM's in the future for you. People asking for part numbers ;)
Every time I read the title of this post I have to smile :) why, I don't know :rolleyes:
Isn't it the title of a certain type of 70s specialist film? I thought it was usually a plumber though.....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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