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Hi everyone,

It's a great site you have here.

My first post, I have been member for some weeks now.

After playing around with ETA movements (very limited cases around).
I decided to look at one of the first movements I rebuilt, a 7S26 and started looking around for "bits".

I found a gold case, on the bay of evil. I don't know what model it's from, it has 7S26-01V0 on the back, then I found a doner watch with a dial and hand combination I liked.

The movement needed a new pallet and stem. The hardest part to find was a gold crown, which I found one, which is a little big, but does the job until I find a smaller one.

At the end I now have a new frankenwatch daily driver.
it runs at 3.2 seconds (using Tool Watch website) on the wrist, so I'm happy with that!
The photos don't do the dial justice.

I just need to think of a new project, I do like the look of the "fifty five fathoms"!


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