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Well yes, after a long time learning, enjoying, visualizing, reading the threads of my colleagues, I finally have my first Seiko 6138 in my hands.

Actually I have had it for two months in my possession, but until now I have not been able to enjoy it, because its caliber had several broken pieces and here in Spain it is more difficult to find the necessary pieces in the watch forums (I imagine that due to the size of Spain with respect to the US, because we have fewer crazy people with material for these watches).

I bought the watch from its sole owner, never being polished and keeping the guarantee card of its time.

After the revision at a local watchmaker, the watch works correctly, and I am very happy with it, since it maintains 100x100 of its parts, including the crystal with some other brand, but that allows me to see the time without problems.

With nothing more to tell, here I leave you some photos of my 6138-8030 "JPS"

I hope you like it.

At the beginning:
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Measuring instrument


Head Jaw Musical instrument Artifact Wood

Space Font Metal Fashion accessory Circle

Natural material Circle Metal Fashion accessory Pattern
Dishware Tableware Serveware Circle Font
Land vehicle Motor vehicle Rim Gas Wood

Tableware Dishware Watch Body jewelry Clock

Analog watch Wood Clock Measuring instrument Font

And finish:
Watch Brown Analog watch Hand Gesture

Postscript: this is not the first one that I am going to have of these 6138, since another one is on the way that I have always pursued and that almost without looking for it now, it will reach me.

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Wonderful! It came out great.

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