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My first Proof/Proof, incoming!

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Yeah, it's not a 6105-8000 Proof/Proof, but I'm still jacked! And yeah, it's my usual El Bayo gamble, but I've got a good feeling.

Under that disfigured crystal, it looks to be a stock 6139-6010, dated to June '69! It even has the original early style second hand as it should! The dial looks great, lume pips are nice and white. Case is dirty, but I'll bet you that it's not as rough in person. I've got a good original crystal here, as well as two running movements if that's an issue. I just need to figure out what kinds of bands these came with. But the greatest bit for me is that it has a Kanji day wheel! Yes!

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I've got a couple of the blue dialled versions from around the same period (one 1969 and one early 70).

The 1969 one came on a bracelet like this one's/slides/Gurcan%20Uckardes%204006-6011.htm
When that Crystal is removed or the Mvt is Drooped, there is going to be a 96% MINTY Dial and set of hands that are going to be
Beautiful. When I see , that Quality and Condition The Case becomes so less of an Issue, I found the exact same watch 6139-6010 The Same Blue dial iand case in95% cond
except the Bezel needs a bit of tweaking, to fit Perfect, came w/ Spanish day wheel but have a Black NOS Kanji or Thai ready Yours looks Beautiful What I notice is

Your Color is Darker Blue almost Blackish I see the same thing in the Set of 6139-60XX Some Blues are MIDNIGHT Blue and some more OCEAN Blue

Both are Beautiful Great FIND She will be Special.
I bid on that one, too. Looks nice! Watchco always has cool stuff... >:D

But I suspect the daywheel on that one will be Chinese, not Kanji. Kanji is typically seen on the Speed-Timer versions of this watch, and I don't think the Chrono Auto version was sold in Japan.

I have a couple of -6010s with Chinese daywheels, and the character for "Sunday" is the same character between Kanji and Chinese. In fact, the two languages look almost the same between the two dayweels, as Kanji is very similar to Han Chinese (if I am not mistaken).

Looks like a nice score! ---A
I bid on that one too. I was a bit confused on part of the description though:

Working condition:
Yes the watch is not running and needs to be serviced.

Hopefully the first part is right and it is running as it looks like it will clean up nice.

Here's a picture with a comparison of the Japanese and Chinese day characters...


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So Chinese denotes the day by number (except Sunday)? Interesting.... never knew that, always thought the Japanese "Moon, Fire, Water..." system flowed from the Chinese. Good to know, I guess :?

Nice find, that watch. Here's hoping it cleans up nicely! :)
I had no idea that Seiko would have produced Chinese versus Kanji dials - this is the first I've heard of it. Looking at the day wheel on this watch, it's showing part of Sunday, which are the same in both languages according to that chart - I'm going to be darned excited to see what's in there once it arrives.

I wish that we had a "dibs" process so I wouldn't be bidding against fellow WIS, but I don't know how that would work.

As for the movement, I took it to mean that the watch was not running. This didn't worry me too much - I have multiple extra movements. the only thing that bothered me was the vagueness - I could open it up and find that everything is missing from the back of the movement, who knows. But even in that case, I have a 6010 movement at home, running. I could have everything swapped and going fairly quickly. I'd prefer to have the original movement up and running naturally, but we'll see.
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Usually Watchco has movement pics in their auctions. But they also seem to have dead picture links in lots of their auctions as well (as did this one), so the link to the movement pic may have been bad.

Given the condition of the dial, hands, and lume, I would suspect that the movement will be complete and nice & shiny.
That was a Great Point by Cobra Jet, all the Proof Proof 6139-60XX mostly 6000/6001/6002 that were Kanji

Used Chinese Kanji and seemed to Have the Blue Dials. I would be very surprised if this Mvt was not as shinny as a New Dime.
To see such a beautiful Dial and Hands , and Thrashed Mvt,? I know it's possible but , I would rest easy she will be a Nice Mvt.

I once bought a 6105- 8009 from Watcho AU that had a thrashed UGLY Dial/hands ,I needed the Case, and the listing said
mvt not working, no pic and the Mvt to this day I am amaze zed, the mvt Looked NEW Ticking away the Hands were Frozen? Gunk?

I found it Baffling how Watcho AU could have so many 6105s till I found out They have a constant running AD in Papers to Buy
Old Seikos in any condition, I'm happy so many 6105s and other Seikos wound up in AU.
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Very nice, looking at the dial it looks as though it will be a beauty, and for some reason i do like "proof" on any model, nice one.
isn't the original bracelet for this one the fishbone?
Time said:
isn't the original bracelet for this one the fishbone?
I only have seen those two bracelet variants on a 601x so far:


The former one I have on one of mine as well:

However in the Photodatabase someone showed this one as well (but there's nothing indicating it came originally with that watch):

But I cannot recall having seen a fishbone on a curved lugged chrono at all. :-\


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I have an original 6139 chrono that comes with its original fishbone bracelet.
ok, I went and checked the 601x that I have has an aftermarket strap.
Its the 6139-7002 that I have that has the original fishbone bracelet.
Time said:
Its the 6139-7002 that I have that has the original fishbone bracelet.
Cool, any chance to see some pics?
I have this one, that I guess it's a 700x (unfortunately, it has a 601x caseback):


It looks GREAT with the stock bracelet.... damn - now the search begins... ???
That is the Exact Bracelet, on a NIB 6139-6012 it has the six slots on each link. I have seen them around, I will keep an eye out.
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