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[size=1em]Sometime ago (long before the advent of Soxa mods) I paid a visit to TxAndy and together with Kevin MC we played with a few watches and built some mods. [size=1em]We started with five, and four nice ones were left at the end. The whole purpose was to make the orange dialed Doxa-type. We swapped out the chapter ring, dial, hands, a bezel from a Tuna, and put in black date and day wheels. It came out very, very nice. Much better than we were expecting.

It took a lot of time, a six-pack, two pizzas, and some patience. I haven't worked on any Seikos before, but after the first two I got the hang of it

First is what we started with:

which in "expert Hands soon became this:



The surgery soon began. here is a transplant patient waiting for his turn:

and here is Frankenstein's crystal press (aka the pad printer):

soon the patient was out of surgery and onto recovery:

HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are three of the gang after serious reconstruction, waiting for the last of their buddies:

Can't stop looking at this one:

and finally, the magnificent 4:

It was a very cool Saturday evening Andy. Now let me go dig up some more old watches so we can do it again.
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