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When I joined the forum in February 2019 I was taken with the idea of modding a Seiko diver. I spent some time doing research on the subject before taking the plunge and went looking for a good diver to use as a base. I eventually obtained a 7002-7000 dating from December 1991 in good working condition. In terms of the movement a few days regulating and testing was all that was needed. The crystal was perfect, so I decided to keep it even though I don’t think it is original to the watch. The case was in good order and just needed a spell in the ultrasonic cleaner and a light polish.
I had already decided that orange was going to be my choice of colour for the mod and soon found a dial and chapter ring. The hands took longer to find as I wanted something different finally settling on a set of “Falcon” style from Singapore . I originally got a zany second hand to go with them, but this kept catching on the other hands so was rejected and used a more conventional type instead. The original bezel and insert were also in decent condition so I decided to keep them as well, although I did buy an orange insert which I did not like.
One problem I have with the 7002 is the small date window and as I am long-sighted it is hard to read. I am not a big fan of magnifiers (warts) so instead I fitted a 4mm example to the inside of the crystal. I wanted a larger size, but larger means thicker and possible ‘hand clash’ problems.
Next was the crown, an easy choice with a matching orange ‘S’. Actually, just unpainted steel, I added the orange. The strap went through several changes, starting with a standard Z22, but some rubber straps are annoying to wear for me. Next was a ‘president’ type bracelet which I just could not get to adjust quite right. It was fine for most of the day but sometimes my wrist swells and it was too tight. I then found a composite strap from CousinsUK with a carbon embossed effect and orange stitching which I think really suits the mod and I find it comfortable.
Finally, and all the way from Austrailia, was the clip-on Dragonshroud which beefed up the whole appearance of the watch. I know this is not to everyone’s taste but I am very happy with the result.

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