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My First Mechanical Chronograph 6139-6040!

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Well I finally jumped into the crazy world of 6139 chronographs. I have a bunch of quartz chronographs world timers and such but all are quartz. I came across this and It was offered to me for a good price so I said why not. I repair all of my own movements and I know how tricky the 6139 movement is so that is why I have kind of steered clear of them. Fortunately the movement is clean but the watch is a little banged up and did not come with a bracelet. Here she is. I refuse to pay someone to refurbish a movement so if I can't do it I typically will not buy it.
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Should be very nice after some tlc :) The crystal is acrylic, easy to remove scratches :)
Not bad, sort the hands out as well - or just practicing on the 6139?!

If you are confident working on other movements then I dont see why the 6139 will give you any's just a bit more involved. Use the tech guides, the A is a bit more useful than the B guide, so do get both even though I guess that is a B. Also check out Mikes (PollyC's) excellent guide....anyone with a link?!

Good luck and enjoy !
Cool I'll have to go through the link. I know from reading some of the post here that there are several things about the 6139 crono's that can only be done one way or they just don't work or even worse you end up with busted parts! I do have one 6139 movement in my spare movement stash along with two more incomplete ones. I have always liked a challenge. The standard movements like the 7002 7S26 and such are easy for me. Anyone have any good suggestions on what band would look good on it? I really prefer bracelets on all of my Seiko's but I don't recall seeing a picture of this style of 6139 crono with a SS bracelet.

Yes, there are a couple of styles of stainless bracelet I think I've seen this on. A big link model with holes of diminishing size (rally style), and one with short rectangular links (looks sort of like an expanding bracelet, but isn't).
Well she showed up yesterday. Not running as advertised so I though I would take a peak and removed the back cover. The movement is absolutely spotless! I gave it a good shake and took a look inside and the balance wheel was humming away but when I flipped it over no movement from any hands? Both buttons are frozen solid so I gently gave each lever a push from the inside and the chronometer dial reset to zero and the minute hand started. It ran for about a minute then the hands stopped again. So apparently it looks like things are just sticky though the balance wheel never stopped running. Time for me to break out the books and read the link on the ins and outs of the 6139.

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