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Just received my first LM, a 5606-7360 from Sept. '75, in apparently unworn condition.
It has a facetted crystal, which is cool, but the emerald-green dial did it for me. :)
A couple of things surprised me.
First, this watch has a lug width of 17mm, which I've never come across before.
Secondly, this is I think the only Seiko I've ever seen with only polished surfaces, no brushing . . . makes for a "blingy" look.
It came with the original bracelet and an extender, missing a spring bar.
Without the extender the bracelet is of course excruciatingly short.
I haven't for the life of me been able to figure out how to attach everything together, to see if maybe it would fit after all.
Tried a 16mm spring bar, but maybe there's a piece missing, I don't know.
If anyone has any experience with these I would appreciate some enlightenment. ;)
Oh, yes, the most important thing. The day/date quickset works! (y)
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