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By DaveS/ChimpHanger

Here are some examples which just cant be brought back to life but they have introduced me to the world of modding or in my case MODing.

The case was given to me by our very own watchlooker (thanks Richard). Although the back says 6309-7290 I believe it started life as a 6309-704x before someone took a dremmel to the case. Bezel insert, chapter ring and dial from Noah and hands from Harold. (Managed to add some Wabi to the insert when I was fitting it)

Reminiscent of a Hamilton? Case and movement from Ramon, dial from Noah, Omega style hands from ebay

This is my favourite, just finished it today. I love this watch - a 21 jewel hacking military style Seiko. If Seiko had made a G10 mechanical watch it may have looked something like this. All it needs is a white on black day/date wheel. (Anybody know where I can get a set for the 3 oclock crown movement?)
Case and movement from Ramon, dial from Harold, hands from Noah (relumed by me), hacking kit from petewatch.
The case beadblasting was done by Michael Newby and I must say he has done me proud. The finish is just perfect. Thanks again Michael.

Thanks to all the Forum members who have unselfishly contributed their knowledge (and sometimes their watches too) and given me the confidence to have a go.

Kind regards
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