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Mine is 5717-8970; serial #6D001XX made by Daini as the last batch of 5717 made. Another forumer DaveS seems to have the exact watch but in a much cleaner condition:

After cleaning the movement on the surface by myself and removing those corroded parts, I get the following:

I knew I needed to get the parts removed to be replaced; so I asked in a few Seiko watch forums that I need the parts for 5717/19. With many frustrations, an angel email came back from Peter Kuan in Australia whom said he got the parts I want. By referring to the watch only without the parts numbers, I told Peter the parts I want through help of emails with photo and ordered 4 spare parts from Peter and a NOS pusher button from Daliva, Singapore. Thinking that will be all spare parts I will need. I spend another $50 for the pusher button & $60 for the 4 parts.

I then forward the watch together with the parts I ordered to one repairer in Philippine; hoping he could put in all parts, cleaning the crystal & the dial & sending me back a brand new watch. After about 3 month or so, I get the following reply from my repairer:

“Sorry for the delay as the watch is very hard to disassemble, a lot of the screws are so rusted in the head will break off if it is unscrewed which will mean the watch is almost impossible to repair already as many of the screw bodies will keep the parts attached, I only chanced upon one of this watch a year ago and I did not buy it as it was also missing many parts like yours, who sold you the watch? Did he tell you it was so rusted in? The ground plate is also very rusted in which will need replacement, this watch was most probably rusted by sea water, can you send me a complete parts picture of the watch so that I can send u back which of the parts are missing, something inside was also glued into the plate which did not belong to this watch. Parts needed=the ratchet wheel, ground plate, pusher with stem, hair spring, date wheel and some of the parts encircled on the photos, the clutch wheel on the watch can still be saved so you will be having a spare with you, more or less you need 12 parts more aside from the ones you have.”

After receiving the email, I immediately emailed Peter Kuan again to see if he got the extra spare parts that I needed. Thank God Peter did have the parts I want &he kindly sold me a batch of 5717 parts at a bargain price of US$100.

After receiving the parts, I send them together with the watch again to Philippine to assemble. Another US$50 is spent. After 7 months, I finally receive the watch. He also sent back the rusted parts that he had replaced. Total $ on the watch so far= US$360

Unfortunately, the dial, after his cleaning up, is still full with brown stain, the date wheel doesn’t turn & the movement stops after a few play around freshly I open the mail from Philippine, within 1 hour. Desperately, I turned to a local, small repairer around the corner near my workplace in Hong Kong, “hoping” he could repair it for me. He charged me US$100!
I also asked him to remove the dial & case so that I can clean up myself by using wooden tooth pickers. (Before & After)
I also polish the crystal myself by using 1200 grid sandpaper and then rub it with polywatch. Surprisingly, he ended up fixing the day wheel, which now turns freely, and the watch keeps good time!!!!!!!! .. and finally

Before & After : Jan2009 & May 2010

So far, I spent about US$500 & about 16 months. I get a bad dialed “original” 5717-8970. I have seen a few of more decent conditioned 5717/19 taht had sold at a bit less. What an experience!!!!!!

P.S. The watch in real is Sooooo beautiful I have not regretted I had bought one.
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