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I have never owned this model before. Somehow its aesthetic always catches me and therefore, I decided to buy one.

Surfing about 1 month in the Bay with no show up, I saw this one on the Bay selling as parts watch. The watch is in very bad condition: missing pusher button and with serious water stain. No movement photo was available from seller. Hoping a miracle will happen after a clean-up, a new added pusher buttons & a functioning movement inside, I bought the watch for US$100 from Spain in Jan 2009
The watch arrived. After I open the case back, I found out my original intention will not work. Its water stain is so serious that many parts have actually been corroded.
Comparing with a more common 5717/5719 movement shown on left, there marks “Daini Seikosha Co. Ltd. JAPAN TWENTY ONE 21 JEWELS” on the bridge on mine rather than “SEIKO 21 Jewels” on others 5717/19. The color of the engraving is in gold rather than orange, too.
In the web, I found some information about the variant of 5717/19:

I also find another piece of info about 5717/19 that most are made by Suwa factory:
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