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I hope this is the right forum for this. I'm new to the hobby, and started buying Seikos last August. I tried to read the archives and read before posting the question. I don't think I ever saw a process post of how to get your watch modded. So here's my little review.

Harold aka Seikoboy aka Yobokies- I got my first mod done by him. I saw another poster from the WUS boards with a skx007 with a monster dial and plonguer hands. I tried to save some money to buy a used skx007 but no luck. So I hit up Harold, and he had everything in stock! It was like a one stop shop. His prices are fair and affordable, and gets it done quick! I paid, he assembled it in a day and shipped it out the next. Not only did I buy the watch off him, but multiple parts and bracelets.

Ken Setser from My next mod actually happened because of a broken watch. This white Samurai was on top of my list! I love the shape of the watch and the stunning dial. But it was no where to be found. I then found a modded Sammy but he didn't have the dial. After a month I found a seller from Paris and after another month, I received the dial. I over paid for the dial, but still well less then the going rate for a complete sammy. Had the dial put in by a local watchmaker, but it was running way to fast! Everyone I asked via email all said $90 to fix (regulate). I hit up Ken and he said it might be a stuck hairspring. He gave me a nice quote an shot it to him with a new handset from Harold. A week later it arrived working perfect!

Jake and Noah- These guys are straight professionals! I love their custom dials and had to get a couple of watches done by them. They have a nice promo when you buy parts from Noah, Jake gives a discount for assembling. I had them do complete overhauls on my skx, and a new bezel, hands, and the whole sha-bang on the 6309. These are the only 2 I have now, and have 2 other watches with them still. They're very understanding and responds to emails with the quickness.

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