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My ever growing obsession...

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Just thought i'd share my collection of watches with everyone.

The one that started it all, the Swiss Military Hanowa Eiger Chrono. Picked this up when i was 16 as a birthday gift while in Interlaken, Switzerland. A little worn, but hasn't missed a beat.

Tag Heuer Monaco CW.2113 "McQueen". As a huge "Cooler King" fan, i had to pick this up.

Seiko 7002-7000. Simple. Classic. Super comfy with the Nato band. Just vintage enough to go perfectly with what i wear.

Seiko 7a28-7100 Quartz Chronograph. I love the vintage look of this watch, and it's my favorite color scheme. Another one that goes well with what I wear.

Seiko SKX399K. After hearing about how rare this was, i snapped this up as soon as i saw it. My favorite "dressy" diver.

Seiko SNN083P1. Can you tell i love chronos yet? I really like the old military style of this watch. Very light and fits well.

Seiko SDNA15. Wanted a nice bold watch, and i got it with this one. Grabbed a Maratac Elite band for it after seeing another one just like it. Really don't wear this one enough.

Casio GW-M5600. Love this classic Casio. I had one of these when i was a kid and always wanted another. Decided to get one with all the bells and whistles. My outdoor activities watch, and it already has some scars.

Casio AW-591-2ADR. I love the look of ani-digi's, and really loved the color scheme on this one. Perfect for whenever, and when i don't feel like re-setting one of my autos.

Casio AMW320RD-2AV. Saw this for cheap and figured why not. Something to grab when in a rush in the morning and I don't have the time to wind an auto.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Ooooooooooh, you have a Tag Monaco! :-*
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