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My collection...

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Re: My collection (does the link work?)

Holy mercaptanes, that is some collection!

Beautiful Omegas and King diver.
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wow that is a great collection! :)
Great collection. That's something to aspire to. Well done. ;)
just been looking through the galleries and I know this is an old one but found this fabulous collection, do you still own most of these
Great link , and i found here nice collection of watches,
Is all watches you have personally?
Thanks Brett,

yes these are all my watches.



P.S. I always keep this dropbox folder as updated as I can and I> will take off watches that I do not have anymore (though I am not a "flipper")
Wow that's an impressive collection!
You've got an admirer! Btw, how can Seiko have so similar but yet so different watches!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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