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My budget mod 6105

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I found this Seiko 6105 case in the condition below which shows a missing case tube but hey It had the chapter ring and crystal gasket. I'm on a budget and love the 6105 look and I'm not intending to swim with it.

Now out with the budget spares....

Flat crystal did fit but second hand fouled on the glass so needed a domed crystal. I was recommended Jonathan (JMK500 on the bay) in the US. The crystal retaining ring was a spare 6309. Out came a 6309 movement from a 6309-7040 with a 6105 dial. Movement spacer from a 6309. Now I prefer the larger 6309 hands so they had to stay.
Luck would have it that the stem and crown were not original (it had a dress stem instead). I ground the head off the crown and cut the dress stem to length.
No correct bezel so this one from 6309 and has to do until I find an original one (in my dreams) and works ok.
The case back is again from a 6309-729A which fits well.
I put some micro gaskets from cousins on the stem to offer some sort of seal between crown and case.

Work in progress below

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