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I feel in love few years back with the story of Seiko's internal competition between Suwa and Daini, and I have always had a bias towards square or rectangular watches. Thus the goal was to find a square model from each of the two factories. As I went down the rabbit hole, I learned about the Lord, King, and Grand lines of Seiko and how one factory was more known for a specific linage.

After 2 years of hunting, I'm glad to finally gotten these two vintage pieces.
  • The 5606-5000 LM from Suwa, My "Lord" Seiko with the 56 caliber as Suwa's last automatic before the quartz revolution.
  • The 5246-5030 KS from Daini, My "King" Seiko with the 52 caliber as Daini's last automatic before the quartz revolution.

As for the "Grand" Seiko part of this journey, the 5646-5010 GS would have been a better fit compared to the LM, but the design did not spoke to me. Perhaps a future modern GS can complete this story with a spring drive movement, as it would be Seiko's most significant breakthrough after the quartz revolution. Now if only modern GS made a square watch...

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