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More Fabulous Seiko Color...

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I've always preferred a little color in my watches or should I say a lot? Seiko has always had the most brilliant colors in their vintage watches of any watch manufacture out there. I recently picked up this JDM 6139 with a wonderful Teal dial. It's actually iridescent at certain angles. It came on it's original bracelet which is always a bonus. I had to install new gaskets to remedy sticky pushers and while I was there I installed a new crown + case back gasket. She's good to go at +7 sec. in 24 hrs. Something tells me this is another keeper........

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I love green watches. I need to find one of these. beautiful.
Iridescent Teal with Yellow Highlights. Amazing color combination and super looking watch.
Great piece!!!
Beautiful watch!, I wish Seiko would resurrect the lovely coloured dials, like on the Advans etc.
Thanks everyone!
I've really been enjoying this watch with all it's color.
Lovely Tom !! :eek:k:
Very nice indeed - congrats! Mine says hello.
Nice and on my want list...........:)
Hey Guys, Welcome to the "Seiko Fever"! =That Seiko design,dial & color and accuracy =6139 Seiko- you all are just starting to get 'the Seiko fever' that I and lots of others got way,way back around 1970 and 'Ever After'.See one of those ads from back around 1970 and look at that Watch, product, a Seiko watch which was just Way,Way Light years- ahead of the competition!
How did team Seiko get it just So right, and accurate ??? Just think,what other Watch manufacturer dared to compete with the best of the Swiss for accuracy and durability and design and price and Succeeded so well? Seiko! And about 10 years later I got the Seiko fever for the 6309-7040 model watch.And then about 10 years later I got the Seiko fever for a Seiko chronometer 7038 model. Well,you all know the rest of the story, each one of these special watches gets some of my wrist time as my Spirit requires. And yes, and over the years I also have bought other Watch brands and they have their special qualities -but I never got over that " Seiko Fever" !-

'Later, Amigos"
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Not only is the head beautiful but for me, that bracelet is the most comfortable i've worn. Have one on a 6139-7069
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