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Monday...WRUW Aug 18, 2014

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Dreary here! Needed something bright!

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Back from the watchmaker, new strap fitted, and onto the wrist.. :)

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Off on holiday soon so won't be posting much for a while, though I'll still be checking in regularly.

Taking these two. One for swimming etc, the other for everything else.

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Today my lovely 7548-7000 on its original GL831...

...have a good Monday
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Oooh, I like that. Lovely.
Thanks just arrived last week & love it.I'm a Junghans fan for good
Going to give this one some love today. But have to be
very, very careful with her.
Aqualand C230 - this will be her " Fifth outing ".
She has been worn only (8) times then boxed and 98 % Brand new.
From the original Owner.

Tonight going out... Oceanaut Celtic, ( Sea Pro 200m )


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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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