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If he keeps having these

LongBike you'll be changing your nickname to LongList soon :grin:
I am keeping track on all of them, well listing a ..........
" Dreamer's List " , because I never seen such time pieces ever so much.
I have one thing going good for me ......... " I Am A Powerful Dreamer ".
Especially for those that look like these, even the empty cases, or with
just case and Bracelets.
These are actually some of the the ones, I would be after too,
but still in my ........... " Nightly Dream's ", yet.
I have exciting dream's about them,only thing when I awake, they just vanish.
Actually had a ......... " KON TIKI " way back in 1970's. Friend gave it to me.
( Not that bad of a listing for a ......... " Dreamer ", would you say ? )


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KON TIKI.... I have the book if you want it ;) but reckon you mean that lovely dive watch that came up on google when I put those words in!

I like the watch with the reactor sign on the back too but I must admit it's the sign that does it for me :eek:

You know you have it bad when you go to bed scratching your head about a problem your having with a Stelux strap and you dream the solution! Which actually worked!!!!!!! Now if I can have the same type of dream where I can work out how to get Nicole Kidmans underware off........... :wavetowel2:
Yeh I had the book years ago, like everything they get lost, so I am out on that one too
and should have kept track of it. It came with the watch I had, to bad now, but been looking for
another one too.
Now about the " Priceless Undie's ", now thats something that would get framed,
but not worn, right?
Would that be a fascinating catch for who got it. ?
I hope all our dreams come true.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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