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So you decide you want to change the look of your Seiko because your feeling all creative :)

  • So you buy an after market dial with no makers name on it but it does pay homage to certain OEM dials from different makers.
  • A "Unique" chapter ring.
  • A homage type set of hands.
  • A bezel insert that perhaps reminds you of a Swiss brand.
    • After market crystal that you like the look of.

  • You obtain a NOS OEM dial.
  • OEM NOS hands.
  • A OEM bezel from another model that fits.
  • OEM crystal but not original to the model your altering.

So now would #1 be a fake watch using a Seiko as it's base ?

Would #2 be a genuine Seiko thats has been customized/modded ?

Either way i'm sure the watch that you created would make you happy :)

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I guess it largely depends on how it's represented - or misrepresented?
Yerp- as clear as Severn mud.

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No 1, to me would be a modified Seiko, It started life as a Seiko and has been modified.
No 2, is a restored Seiko as opposed to an original watch.

Another hypothetical question
So ive taken a movement from a 1983, 6309 dress watch, installed it into a 1984 6309 7290 case with a dial and case back from 1988, all other parts are from various years and ive only used S/H original Seiko parts.
Is it classed as a Franken and how would you tell?
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