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Hello, I`d like to share with you some modification of an orange Seiko diver.

In 2007 I bought my first Seiko diver.

In the former SCWF I read a lot about Seiko divers and enjoyed the enthusiams about them. But honestly... There are very few dial designs I realy like. I prefer simple and clean dial layouts. So I bought my first Seiko for only one reason:

  • I`ve simply been attracted by the orange dial!!!
This was my first big watch as well. Surprisingly it wore very comforable on my small wrist. The more wrist time it got, the more I enjoyed the case design. I wore it during the summer holidays and appreciated, that I could go swimming with it. Before I had no divers and left my watches at the beach. That changed my attitude concerning divers ;-)

Then the adventure began. I regulated the watch after reading about that in the fora. That engaged me to be more offensive... I ordered sword hands from Bill Yao (MarkII Watches) and replaced them. This was the result (2008):


  • Bills sword hands. The hands have the same layout as the minute indexes
    found a replacement bezel at ebay.
I was very proud and felt like being half-a-watchmaker ;-)) The watch persisted in this state for one year including the summer holidays.

Meanwhile I was informed that Doxa invented the orange dials. I felt in love with the Doxa design. 2009 Noah came up with the soxa dial for the 7s26 caliber. I ordered one from him.

But what hands would fit? Block hands are necessary but I missed the lume on Noahs Soxa hands. Harold came up with his closer to the original hands, including the dwarf hour hand, later. So I turned to Bills ladder style hands combined with a 007 second hand:


  • Bills ladder style hands combined with a standard 007 second hand
    return of the standard bezel with Noahs insert
    matt metal chapter ring from Bill
    slightly doomed sapphire from Bill
I enjoyed the return of the indexes in the ladder hands. But after a while, the watch didn`t leave the drawer. Why? After a while I came to the conclusion:

  • the second hand is too big
    the minute hand is too small
So I decided to do this last improvement in 2010:

Knowing, that the 6105 hands fit also the 7s26 caliber, I ordered a set of 6105 diver hands and combined it with a Soxa second hand form Noah which I had in spare.


  • the metal hands now complete the metal indexes. That improves the vividness of the dial
    no more round design elements. The "block pattern" is complete

  • it`s big fun to look at the dial. The applicated indexes are very vivid. As well is the silver on the hands. The big lume area on their surface garantee readability
    the slightly doomed sapphire is a good thing to make interesting dials more vivid
    the design is not too close to the Doxas
    the matt chapter ring focusses the dial
    interestingly women reflect on the orange dial ;-)
Thanks for reading so far. And again thanks for places like this.

Kind regards from Hamburg in Germany

= Update Sep. 2010 =
Found Harolds (Yobokies) new (to me) Soxa bezel and dared a (last ;) ) change. Installed Will Jeans new Super Oyster as well.
<a href=""><img src=" 003.jpg" /></a>

I think, it emphasizes the dial.
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