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Mod parts for 7002 and 6309, where to find them?

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I recently purchased some 7002s and 6309s and would like to mod them, all came with aftermarket dials and hands. I want to put some spunk into these watches. can anyone point me to where i can get nice dials and hands for these?

I know noah and yobokies, but they seem to have run out of 7002 dials. any other leads?

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Have you tried Pete K in OZ ? he dont tend to do after market parts though only original stuff, but he has a great inventory !! also ROB again though original stuff for the most part.
thanks for the swifty reply TigerUK, will look them up in the forum. :)
Hi Jay Pete Ks contact details are [email protected] Robs contact [email protected]

IMO both top guys to deal with, hope you find what your looking for. ;)
You're pretty much out of luck when it comes to aftermarket mod dials for 7002's. there just aren't many. That said, you can still use any dials from a 6309 or a modern SKX diver. You'll just have to clip the dial feet and use double stick dots to secure the dial in place. You can do that with any yobokies or noah dial that you like.

Do keep in mind that 7002's only have a date window, so whatever dial you choose has to be either date only, or have no day/date window at all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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