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Took some pics of my MM300 with my Darth Tuna this morning - a happy pairing :)
Comparing the two - the MM300 is quite a lot heavier than the Darth, but sits very comfortably on the wrist so you don't really notice the weight.
Lume is pretty much the same, both are extremely bright, slightly different colour probably due to the 4mm thick sapphire on the Darth.
Dial on the MM300 slightly more legible due to silvered edges of hands and indices.
Darth bezel is less easy to turn unintentionally, both have superb, silky, 120-click actions.
Darth is larger than the MM300 but weighs less.

Less reflection from the Darth's flat sapphire unless it catches the light directly

Although both are tall watches, the MM300 seems to sit on the wrist better than the Darth

and here's my Seiko collection as of 18th June.. that will do for now ;-)
From left to right:
SBDX001, SBBN013, SBQJ015, SKA016, 1970's 4004 - not sure of model number. The hi-accuracy SBQJ015 tends to be my daily wearer of late, looks good with a suit, good size, instant time zone changes when I'm travelling abroad with work. However the MM300 looks good with a suit too on the bracelet so will probably get used a lot. My tuna is my watersports, mountain biking and weekend watch. The tuna and the mm300 will both get regular use in salt water as the maker intended as I'm fortunate enough to work in the marine science and technology sector ;)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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