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Yes, IMHO. Start with a more durable crown/tube threading assembly and more than >

one simple o-ring on the crown post. You're getting the same WR technology on the $2000 MM300 as you are with a $200 SKX.

Slim the watch down, way too tall and unbalanced like the Rolex DSSD. Chunky bracelet needs an overhaul and the clasp extension is awkward to operate.

I could even argue that the one piece case is irrelevant at this point. They're only eliminating one point of ingress for water intrusion ie. the case back. They are plenty of hyper deep depth rated watches that utilize a traditional case back design.

Get rid of some of the polished case surfaces and use more brushed, too blingy.

Sapphire crystal.

Incorporate a ceramic bezel insert that is easily and relatively inexpensive to replace if necessary.

The movement, dial and hands are all first class.

How's that sound for a re-work? Seiko could execute these changes in 6 months or fewer.
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