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i am not saying it happens a lot or a little bit
the discussion i refer to...(and it may have even been tiger, but i could be wrong), was discussing the effort required to fix a threaded crown on a MM compared to fixing the same issue on eg a rolex sub. ie very difficult on a MM compared to not a biggie on a sub

This issue was discussed a lot "back in the day" and was a consideration when I bought my MM. At the time I tried to dig into this topic and pretty much came to the conclusion that, while the cross threading issue MAY have happened to some guy somewhere, it was really more of a (slightly irrational) fear than a common problem.

The folklore status of the potential problem also made it a common fear, so too was the common response: we all diligently "back threaded" the crown first when winding it down onto the tube.

(Unless I've missed something and there has been a rash of cross threading in recent years with the MM's while I was away from the forums.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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