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Minty golden tuna on [email protected]

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Very good condition SSBS018 for sale, right now ( BIN or MAO) w/ papers and all.......batt and gaskets freshly replaced. Hummmm.....

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX O0 smack smack smack
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Very sorry, mods (specially to my dear friend Tiger UK). To the best of my knowledge, I could swear the actual link wasn't allowed to be posted here, but no problem regarding the number of the item being advertised for sale on the bay. Learning something new everyday, I guess!

Once again, terribly sorry. Didn't meant to break the rules on purpose at all. :-[

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Technoman said:
I've been holding my fingers like that and moving my lips in the same way around the office for days thinking I was cool, but now nobody will talk to me...
Genuine. ;) You saw the BIN price?
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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