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Mini Review + Video : Orange Samurai

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Authored by lan61t
Hi All, i'm quite new to this forum and with the world of seiko.

When i was browsing around, i found one seiko that i'm particuraly interested. The watch keep drawing my attention, and finally i got one.

Honestly, it's smaller than what i've expected, and it's way lighter than the monster. Probably because of the titanium build. I bet everyone already know about this particular watch.

In my opinion, i think this is going to be a classic watch, the dial, case, hands, and everything is just perfect for me. One thing that i know for sure. I'm never going to part with this watch. If you can get one, snatch it right away and dont let it go :D you wont regret it.

So here's the video, i hope you enjoy it as much as i am making it :D

here the tube link, just in case this one is not working :)
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Thanks for this mini-review and the video!

I could imagine the kind of feeling when one gets to own this beautiful Sammie. Personally, I find it simply adorable. This is the only watch that keeps me so captivated for a long time!

Yes, I do agree that one should not let this watch slip by if he happens to find a gently-used piece. IMHO, it'd be a collector's choice based on the hard-to-find situation, at least for now.

Enjoy all Orange Ti Sammie owners! 8)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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