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Marmite Marine Master 300mm - Thailand LE

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Good day,

After much deliberation I have finally acquired a Limited Edition Marine Master.

As some of you may be aware, these have been the source of more than a little controversy in certain quarters of late - firstly if they were a true Seiko model and secondly as many don't like them.

To acquaint myself with the actual facts (as against the rumours) concerning this model, i contacted both Seiko Japan and Thailand. I now have it in writing from Seiko Japan (on 3 separate occasions) and also from Seiko Thailand , that these were produced by Seiko Japan and were not modified by by any distributor or local entity. These are full Seiko authorised and manufactured models - produced for the Thai market in a Limited Edition of 300.

As regards the looks - personally i love it. It totally changes the appearance of the watch - makes it look much more the diver. Suspect i am in the distinct minority (and i care not, as its a keeper) but not only does it look good in isolation, but also when side by side with its more admired brother.

So there it is the controversial MMM 300.

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I still prefer the regular mm300, although I must admit that I watched an auction where such a LE mm300 was offered a couple of weeks ago and I seriously considered making an offer, until another offer has been accepted suddenly... ;)

Congrats on your LE mm300 and thanks for sharing the information given by Seiko Japan and Seiko Thailand :13:
ehhhh......not my taste.
Prefer the original hands.
I rather like that. Wear and enjoy.
I like it too! Enjoy ;)

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I wouldent say no for sure, I agree the hands do make it look like a "true" diver (I also really like the original hands), I imagine the lume is great ?

Very nice :clap::clap:
Very attractive day I will own a marine master :)

to Seikomatic...the lume dot is on the wrong end of the stick for that second hand :p
Congrats on your new addition, although I am partial to the original MM300 the L.E has its appeal as well.

hmmm...I do love the MM300 but what I don't like is that "handmixture" of this LE.
Sumo hour hand, Fieldmaster minute hand and that's it? Way too less for a LE I'd say :(
Overall a more positive response than i expected to be honest.
Most important thing Barry is that you are happy. It looks like a rare keeper to me. I want a MM and one day will get one...if I stop buying all these 5s and chronos etc....:p
Oh yeah i agree totally. I tend to keep the vast majority of the watches i buy so residual value is not a priority for me.

Keep a saving and stop buying :):happy:

Far easier said than done I know. Funny things is is that when i started frequenting this forum, i really was shocked to see the adulation the the MM acquired. To me - it then just looked like a very ordinary watch. One of the problems is that in the UK, we never ever come across them - and i don't know of any other watch that look so much better in the flesh than in all the pictures i have ever seen of it. I am pleasantly surprised when i look in jewellers here, at the Rolexs, Tudors, Tags etc - not one of them exudes the class that a MM does. My opinion of course. But it is a special watc.

Thanks for your kind words - and keep a saving

Most important thing Barry is that you are happy. It looks like a rare keeper to me. I want a MM and one day will get one...if I stop buying all these 5s and chronos etc....:p
hrrrrmmmm, seeing them side by side, I say I like the Thailand version better. I don't think i'll everybuy a MM (either version), but that LE does look good. enjoy.

<* shark >>><
I like both of them. I suspect the hand change to make a special edition was done at the request of Seiko Thailand even though it is made in Japan. The Thai are nutty about special additions er hmm well so is everyone else :)
To be honest, when they are seen side by side ___ and I know this i the ultimate sacrilege__ but there are times when I prefer the LE. The standard hands almost look too small now. But my intention is not too compare too much... Just enjoy both .

And I agree.. Seiko Thailand will have requested Japan to carry out the special edition. The crucial thing is that it is an official LE done by Seiko Japan. I seem to recall reading that someone senior at Seiko Thailand is buddies with someone senior in Japan.
Never seen that one before. I had and loved the SBDX001.
5minutes ago I though "man that's ugly". Now it think it looks really cool!
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