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Shannon the MM300 looks killer on there! Great notch job mate! I've been wearing my Sumo, MM300 and 6105 all on MM300 straps lately and I must say... All 3 watches need Isophrane straps. I plan to try to get a 3 pack when the 20 and 22's are ready.

I started a custom bike build this past weekend and have decided to trim my collection in order to free up funds for the Chopper/Bobber i'm building.

The 4 watches I decided to keep are:

1. SBBN017 Tuna- The strap is like butter and the Quartz movement is good for riding.
2. MM 300- Needs Isophrane strap
3. Blue Sumo-Needs Isophrane strap
4. 6105-8110 February 1974-Needs Isophrane strap
Decided to start a project bike and curb my watch habit till she's done. Shoot me a PM if you get any updates on the strap release dates! :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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