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I wear two watches at once upon occasion. One for timekeeping and one as a navigational aid. Usually my 0040, my DW-6600 or my 033 on the right and one of my Pathfinders on my left.

Any one of these on the right.

And any one of these on my left.


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They both are Hublots that bear his autograph. The markers have the colors of the Argentinian flag.

Maradona was recently appointed as a Hublot brand ambassador....

(Amazing how a self declared c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t and one that has called Cuba's Fidel Castro his personal "god", seems to enjoy all the sugary spoons of capitalism and free enterprise.. This guy is a total joke). Sorry for the side rant.

Limited edition of 250 pieces...

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Last night I saw an interview with him and he was wearing two watches. One was definitively that Hublot, but the other I couldn't see for sure what it was. In fact, on the field during the match, when he kicked the ball he was wearing a suit and two watches.
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