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I knew the late and great Dr George Daniels through my clock business. An amazing guy but very rude about my tea making skills. He was awarded the Tompion Medal and I think at that time only 4 or 5 people had been honoured with it then. I will miss seeing him on my trips to the TT races on the Isle Of Man.

I tried on one of his watches once but when he said it had been made for some Saudi guy and cost £75k I let him have it back pronto before my luck ran out. He laughed! He was the guy who examined a skeleton clock I restored and sold to a a Swiss watch maker & designer who worked for Arnold & Son Of London.

It's nice to know these guys are still about and the true craftsmen are alive and kicking! CNC does not rule the world yet ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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