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Last November I picked up a single handed Luch hand-wind from Belarus at a watch fair - hardly used. I loved the look and shape, but in the 6 months I have worn it I have only once set it to the right time.
Each time I set it the hour hand drops back an inconsistent amount. Sometimes it lags 10 minutes, others 20, but it always lags. Each time I think I have cracked it, it falls behind the setting.
Advancing the hand to drop back into position has worked once, so that was my one lucky moment - and I let it unwind accidently after a couple of weeks 'on time', or as on time as a mono can be. I've also tried clockwise and anti-clockwise setting - just the same.
A colleague at work bought one from the 'bay' - his does similar things but not as bad as mine.
I'm happy to pull it apart, but only when I have a good idea of what the problem might be. If it's generic then it may be easier to replace the original with a different movement. The only other thing I can spot is that the hour hand moves at the speed of a minute hand (or nearly so) when time setting with the crown - that does seem quicker than normal.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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