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Fedex brought me a small package this morning. Two 22mm Bonetto Cinturini Straps model no. 284/s ordered in Poland at

I've read a lot about the BC straps and I must admit that my expectations have not been disappointed. They are super soft and flexible and feel very similar to the Isofrane straps and - best of all - they have the same nice vanilla scent. :)

here it is next to my Seiko 7c43-7010 on its original gl831 strap:

Thumbs up for the Bonetto Cinturini 284/s strap and also for the shop mentioned above. I've ordered on Wednesday, so two days from Poland to Germany via Fedex. Excellent service imho! :13:

I really don't know why I've waited so long before trying the BC straps and I really should have ordered more than only two straps.

So if you are looking for a better replacement for the oem z22's and don't want to go for the Isofrane's you really should consider the Bonetto Cinturini rubber straps. At this price they are amazing value for money imho.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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