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Lost my heart today...

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on a diver I was not even aware existed, until I stumbled upon it by mistake on the web! For a while I have been wanting a Diver with the classic SKX007 shape, so I have been casting a tentative eye around for a suitable candidate - and then, this: SARB059!!!

6R15 movement, stainless steel bezel, signed crown, etc. I like everything about it, but would have loved a silver dialed version!

I did not want to snatch someone else's picture, so is there any forum member lucky enough to own one of these and that has taken some decent photos? Please post some, and if you do, please also give me permission to save these in my "dream-watch file"?
Another interesting "discovery" today was a SKZ201, 40th Anniversary edition Diver. Very nice!

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I didnt know the SARB059 is still in production.
Point is: Until today I did not even know they were ever produced!

Whether they are in or out of production, I just know that it will be the last thing I think about before I drift of to sleep tonight....
I know the feeling.
It is a great looking watch.
That's the new Alpinist. It has the same 0020 case from the SKX007 and friends. I think it has only been out for a little more than 1 year.

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That is very nice. Didn't know of this model either.



PS: I just read about the cool ground to air signals for communicating in distress. I hadn't noticed them around the dial, but I think its pretty cool. ;)
The 5's limited I can help you with

I was lucky to find one, then the other

a shot with a Sawtooth. You can see the influence

Cheers from Montreal
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That is so awesome! I really like it, it is so different!
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