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Hi Guys,

I have a vintage Citizen Alarm Date Parawater ALDS 52902-Y without the correct pair C signed crowns, bezel insert and glass for replacement.
I don't know the correct part numbers. Maybe the crystal is 54-0349, according to a very old thread. If someone knows the part numbers or dimensions, so I can start looking or is in possession of crystal (cycloped), bezel insert (not necessarily pristine ) or two crowns. Need info on the stem size too, just for reassurance (W3328 maybe).
Looking not so much different than 63-7076 on Bogdan's VCW blog, so parts might be interchangeable.
Models without the rotating bezel use the same cal. 3102, but crowns differ.
Please, correct me if my info is wrong.
Found that info is quite scarce.

Any feedback will be much appreciated!

Stay safe!
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