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A friend asked me to see if I could find any information about a Jules Jurgensen watch that was given to his great-grandfather as a retirement gift.

It appears to me to be from the 40s or 50s, but I'm just guessing. The caseback and outer box say that it is 14k gold. It's a two hand watch.

End panel of box:

The watch is on a hideous Speidel Twistoflex band, but the layout of the presentation box says that it was originally on leather.

Any information will be gratefully accepted and passed along. Thanks.

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My copy of Cooksey Shugart lists a very similar Jules Jurgensen. The only difference appears to be the shape of the dial markers and the presence on the Shugart watch of a second hand. It's described as 14K gold, 17 jewel movement, ca. 1960, a low value of $150, a high value of $225. My copy of Cooksey Shugart is about ten years old, so take those valuations with a grain of salt.
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