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Loking for input on restoration of a Seiko 6217-8001

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Hello everyone. This is my first post here though I have been reading the posts of other here for some time now

I am looking for some input from my fellow vintage Seiko collectors on two particular Seiko watches I own. The first is a 6217-8001 and the second watch is 6105-8000. I am at an impasse as to making up my mind about restoring these two watches or leaving them as they are both unmolested original watches. Both watches run and keep time within acceptable allowances. Also appearance wise both watches are in decent condition with minor scratches on the glass and small nicks and marks on the case. I would love to hear some opinions from other here as to what you would do if the watches were yours. Typically I restore about 90% of the Seiko watches I purchase because I like them to look clean but because these two watches are significant pieces of Seiko history maybe they should be left alone. I welcome any and all opinions on my dilemma.

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Some lume data here on the SCWF:

There is another product to aid in cleaning and restoring a watch: rodico. Look it up as well - it has quite a few uses.

Take lots of pictures and good luck!

Thank you sir. That is the product I was going to purchase but I wanted to check here first before I dropped $45 bucks on it!

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