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I agree with everyone else - leave it as original as possible. Don't polish cases and don't replace dials/hands unless you do it with OEM parts. I have no problem with restored/relumed dials and hands - if a watch is treated properly and is worn and used, this is bound to happen (crud build-up). A little patina is a good thing, in my opinion. Cleaning it up and reluming it makes it the perfect candidate to begin the cycle of wear and tear again - get out there and enjoy those beauties.

Oh, and welcome, too!

Well said!

Definately take the old lume out first - especailly if it is discoloured, I would imageing that if you did not then the mould from the old lume would just work through the new lume.

The only tip / point I would give when reluming these (and 6105 dials) is to be damned careful, especailly when you are working close to the border of the lume well. The borders have a silver paint on them, it chips off very easily. If you dig out the lume 'agianst' the border and sort of prise it up or twist it out you are sure to pull that paint off (and you might even cry a little bit!).

I use a sharpened small screwdriver and carefully scrap away. I often start by using the screwdriver to slightly drill down in the middle of the lume to then give a starting point.

Wishing you very best of luck with your resoration.

Can you post some pictures yet?? :)
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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