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LM on the way

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My second LM, i'm a sucker for a blue dial, I know the minute hand is missing the lume...but for 30 GBP what the hell....:)


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Love the hand wind facility on the LM. Only thing to watch out for is quick set gear splitting.
Yeah so do i but not too fussed about the quick set tbh as I rarely set the day and date, but thks anyhow :)
And after the 6309 bebacle which I came out of unscathed fortunately, thought I would try my luck elsewhere :)
I think she is a beauty for 30 Quid! I also am a sucker for a dark blue dial faced Seiko. I also just went LM crazy. I grabbed 10 of them from Ramon in the Philippines. At least half look decent enough to be restored. The other five will of course be sorted for good parts and rusted ones. The good ones will be bagged and tagged and labeled for future repairs.

Thk you, I do have quite a soft spot for LM's tbh theres something about them...So 70's unfortunately I remember that era well :) I hope that you get yours sorted and post some pics :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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