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Links To Recommended Watch Repair Experts, Mod Gurus and Parts Sources...

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Mike has been kind enough to put this list together recommending popular contacts who can help you source necessary asian watch parts, watches and services. If you have any others to add, please reply to this post. Thanks.

Listing of recommended watch repair experts, mod gurus and sources for parts


But first, some special acknowledgments

Special thanks to the forum and moderating staff, who take the time to keep the riff-raff out and make this a great place to be. And let's also thank Isthmus for organizing the update to the FAQ.


Seiko Authorized Service Centers around the world COSERV/YSERV ..... all the serv's Main webpage for listings of all authorized Seiko Service Centers around the world:

Citizen World Wide Customer Service. Main webpage for listings of all authorized Citizen Service Centers around the world:



These are full service watch repair people. Services include but are not limited to: parts sourcing, movement service and repair, case refurbishing, hands and dial restoration and re-lume, water resistance testing, watch modification, media finishing.

Jack Alexyon – Industrial Watch Works (IWW) - North Carolina, USA
[email protected]

Ken Setser[size=1em]About Time Watch Restoration, Jacksonville, Florida
[size=1em][email protected]

Bob Thayer – Bob Thayer Jr. - Texas, USA
[email protected]

Kent Parks – Everest Watchworks - Arizon, USA
[email protected]

Jake Bourdeau - Dawn Of Time Watchworks - Ottowa, Canada
[email protected]

Randall Benson – Hands of Time Productions - USA
[email protected]



These are individuals who will perform modifications to your watches. These services are generally parts replacements, however in some cases they may also source parts for you, media blasting, metal work and a few of them also perform movement servicing. Please contact them directly for their specific services and availability, time line and payment estimates.

Duarte Mendonca – North East Watch Works (NEWW) - Rhode Island, USA
[email protected]

Noah Fuller – independent – forum member – Ebay seller noahhk - Hong Kong, China
Info: "I can do anything but Bead-Blasting..and dial restoring or re-luming (but I'm looking for an Artist, for that) Sometimes I can find original parts, but mostly I can have parts made, water resistance testing, watches sent for modification, supplying parts, timing, crystal change, most anything to a point."
[email protected]

Petjag – independent – forum member - North Carolina, USA
Info: "I'm a hobbyist for the past 25 years in mechanical and quartz watches, my own collection is mostly Asian, a few Swiss, and the rest "Heinz 57". I work at my own neighborhood shop (in a spare room in our home) and have a complete set of horological tools and a decent parts inventory. I've been a forumer for about 5 years, and have fixed members' watches for over five years so far. I do crystals, case work, movement repairs, chronos, mechanicals, quartz, electrics, etc."
[email protected]

Hans (aka, seikokaki) – independent – forum member - Malaysia
Info: Can source parts via his watchmaker and perform basic modifications to your Seiko's.
[email protected]

Zami Zahari (aka, Stratman II) – independent – forum member - Malaysia
Info: "In the past I have been able to source Seiko watch parts from Seiko Malaysia (I live in Malaysia).
I've been doing this since Jan 2005 and have lots of references."
[email protected]

Jonathan Koch (aka, Swedefreak/Mr Seiko) – independent – forum member – Ebay seller jmk500 (Mr.Seiko) - Rochester NY, USA
Info: "Efforts center on vintage Seikos but I will work on watches of all ages. Prefers Seiko but will try to other marques if he can. Can generally source parts. Produces a line of replacement crystals, all made to original specifications, for many of the popular dive watches and chronos as well as many other gent's vintage Seikos. Does case and bracelet refinishing on stainless steel items only. Has added media blasting, as well as swapping out certain dive watch bezel inserts as the supply of genuine Seiko parts dries up."
[email protected]

Michael Newby (aka, Twickersdude) – independent – forum member - Twickenham, U.K
Info: Media blasting, parts sourcing, wild man
[email protected]

Michael Martin (aka, samanator)
- Independant - Forum Member -Florida USA, Info: case refinishing..dents, brush, polish, bead blasting, ceramic coating
[email protected]

Dimitris (aka DimGR) - Independent - Forum Member- Athens Greece: specializes in reluming services.


Cas-Ker Co. -

Jules Borel & Co. -

Ofrei -

Cousins Material House -

Livesays - -



Yobokies - Harold Ng – [email protected]

Noah Fuller – [email protected] -

Swedefreak – Jonathan - [email protected]

Bill Yao (MKII) - [email protected] -



Higuchi, Inc. - Katsu Higuchi -

Seiya - Seiya Kobayashi -

Chino Watch Co. -

Ebay sellers "Ujiie-Japan" and "Joyful Japan" (not AD's but generally better prices than Seiya or Higuchi)



Seiko/Citizen/Orient - Long Island Watch -



Seiko/Citizen - -


Other E-Bay sellers not previously listed. Many of these sellers also have vintage parts available and even NOS (new old stock) parts. Please refer to their E-Bay stores for parts availability and contact information. Just because a part is not listed does not mean they don't have it or can't get it.

NOTE: The below listed E-bay sellers have proven to be generally reputable by many of the Forum members. However, as with any transaction, get references, get pictures, ask questions, etc, etc, etc, PRIOR to payment. The Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum will in no way be held responsible if something goes wrong using any of these E-Bay sellers. Many of these sellers also have vintage parts available and even NOS (new old stock) parts. Please refer to their E-Bay stores

Stephen Go – TheWatchWorks
Jose Sotto – Watchcooking
Ramon Jalandoni – TheWatchCollector
Loy – loyswatch
Kurtyiu – Kurtyiu
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Great resource- thankyou. Ordered a bezel gasket for my SKX031 for £1.50 from Cousins. Saved approx £148.50p by not sending it off to a "helpful" Seiko repairer...
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