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I saw this popped up on IG and it was scooped out within 5 min. Not sure what was the price but knowing where it sold for sure it went for pretty penny.

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Couple things stood out from the description:
  • 1974 with Resist dial, I am not aware of any resist past 72, in fact I have seen no text dial in later 02.
  • French day wheel with Stelux, as far as I know only Roman comes with Stelux, or in early model maybe Chinese.
  • Lume bright and shiny and lack texture
  • Center chrono wheels don’t look right
Whole e Shiite!!
The ‘true’-ish pogue I had 3/‘71 was sold by them as well. It had ISSUES, and left a bad taste in my mouth that I had to move it. They are exceptional at sourcing, i give them that, but dishonest and inept watchmaking services, … and wonder what else.

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I'm truly sad to read all the comment regarding DCVW, I really thought they was trustworthy. I have bought two watches from them, one of them was supposedly newly serviced, well I had to take it directly to my local watchmaker to make it work.
Guess I'll take my business elsewhere then.
I'm on the lookout for a Silver Proof but being under the 50 postings here at The Watch Site, I guess it will be difficult to buy one here at this great forum.
Keep up the good work folks, I truly learn a lot here.(y)
161 - 167 of 167 Posts