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To start my gen1 Sumo
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Then my UFO/Yachtman/Dad's watch
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Then my 6309 Turtle
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My SRP Turtle
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Baby blue tuna
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I also have a 4R36 bottlecap (not my pic)
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last is my baby pogue 6119
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Going a bit outside the norm
My "ghost pepsi"
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And last of the nicknames my younger son's SKX 033 "submariner"
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I do have a pvd gold "sea urchin" but no pic on my hard drive :)
"cushion case", not turtle =)

<* shark >>><

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I have a few:

They are The Orange Monster, The Orange Boy, The Bumblebee, The STO Samurai, The new STO Turtle, AKA The Dark Blue Manta Ray Turtle, The PADI Turtle, The new Pepsi Arnie, 2 Pogues, (yellow one is at my other home), and a Mini Turtle. I believe my SPB051 has been nicknamed The poor man’s 62 MAS. I also have a yellow dial baby Arnie at my other house. There may be a few more. Looking at this lot, I am again struck by the thought that I really enjoy colorful dials, though I have a ton of black dial watches, also. The other obvious takeaway is that I prefer my divers on straps. The Monster is the exception. I love it’s bracelet. I did not think to include my 2 Slim Turtles or my 6309 Turtle, because they were given those nicknames many years after manufacture.
21 - 35 of 35 Posts