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Let's see some LE/rare models!

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I don't have any rare watches, but do have two LE:

The Orient 469SS 014 "RM1"(#05/29) and the 469SS 039 Poseidon "RM2" (#12/68).

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Thanks John! ;)
it's not as rare as some (1600 i think?) but it took me months to find one! As a former resident of the gulf coast, it's like wearing a little bit of home!

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These two aren't seen all that often:

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^-^ Here are a few from my collection.

Seiko Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Circa 1976

Seiko King Hirohito Wedding Commemorative Circa 1973

Casio Divers Circa 1989

MQD2000W MD-703 MQD3000W

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mmounce said:


oh, man, naomi uemura! i lusted after that watch for so long but i had to stop when i realized it was starting to affect my health. nice watch!
Orient Marcus Gronholm 2007 LE..

Orient World Heritage LE..

Vostok Europe Lunokhod LE..

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Hard to find Seiko 1974 5216 lordmatic SPECIAL, faceted crystal, gold bezel, handwinding, auto, 28,800bph Daini factory made....

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Those two are LE

This one I never see anywhere. thanks again Rick!

[size=1em]Citizen GMT Air BJ9104-56E

Don't see that one often either

And this one I love

I sure wish I had the Pipin Scubamaster!

And to finish this one I got from Thian. Not often seen

Cheers everyone!
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Here's my LE watches:


Also, these LCD's probably qualify as rare:

SEIKO G757-4050


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Wow, there are some awesome watches in this thread. Love that Mission Antarctica and AdamITR's Seiko Landmaster!

The only rare watch I own:

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What an amazing selection of rare delights.

My only vaguely rare piece, a Citizen Crystron 600m:

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nothing LE in my collection, but thanks for the great pics people!!!

I was hoping to see some South Pole, Pippin, and where is the North Pole!!!!
Here's some LE and some rare ones. :)

Alba LE

Orient poseidon LE

Samurai LE

LE orsa monstrum

LE orsa sea angler

brazilian addict frogman


tsunami LE
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