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Leather NATO straps

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I have a thing for leather NATO straps. The whole wabi concept applies equally to leather as it does to watches, and a well-worn leather NATO can be a wonderful thing:

I would appreciate seeing other Seiko's on leather NATOs - I can't really recall any being posted before...
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Yep, its new, the only thing I have done is oil it to make it more supple. +1 on leather wabi coming from oneself ;D

The crystal is a dome sapphire from Harold. While I am a stickler for originality, IMHO the domed sapphire makes a perfect watch, uh, more perfect!
HomoCaballus said:
Springbars are not designed to cope with the stress this type of strap puts on them.
In leather the strap is thicker, making matters worse.
It is no coïncidance that many a G10 strap user comments that they were lucky to have the G10 desing as their ´Nato´ retained a dangling watch head; the strap was the cause that the springbar gave up in the first place.
Good points, never thought about that! While I have never had problems with my leather Natos and springbars (possibly because they are the heavy duty Seiko fat bars?), the fit IS tight and is certainly something worth being aware of!
HansA. said:
Seeing the thickness of that strap, doesn't 2 layers of it below the watch makes it sit high?

How about leather ZULUs?
It does sit slightly high, although not higher than Nylon NATOS IMHO - divers and sports watches can easily pull it off
HansA. said:
I think we should ask for apologize to Harry for derailing his "a pretty watch on a pretty leather NATO" thread ;D Sorry Harry.

Go, guys, go - this is a MUCH more interesting thread than "Show me your NATOS". I only wish I could change the title!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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