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Latest acquisition-before and after

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Took a punt on this rather grubby 6119-8430:-
Front :(

Back :eek:hmy:

I removed the bracelet, cleaned up the case and polished the crystal, followed by 30secs in the ultrasonic bath.
With all the muck off of the case I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was virtually no scratches on the watch and the original finish was almost totally intact.:cool:

I repaired the bracelet, stuck it in the ultrasonic cleaner, grained the worst scratches off with an abrasive pad, then back in the ultrasonic bath.

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Very nice, I can imagine the frosted finish wears away quickly? I think the layer of crud protected the watch, the same method I'm trying with my car ;)
We all look better after a bath John :) it came out good.

I agree that lots of crud can protect a watch, I have come across it times.
There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning up a dirty watch! One of the easiest things to do and yet it can totally transform a piece. Nice work :)
Seems to be a fairly uncommon model, can't find much about it on the internet, other than the earlier ones, up to 1971, appear to have been fitted with a different bracelet (which I think looks nicer :mad:) I do rather like the big case, sort of 'cushion' on steroids :cool:. Cleaning the crap out from under the crown, with some dental floss, got the crown push date setting working again ;). Can anyone confirm that the day setting on the 6119 movement is manual only?
Came out great. Congrats.

What's so great about this thread is that I LOVE doing this quick revitalization to an otherwise great watch that's just grimy and neglected. It is by far my favorite part of the Seiko hobby.

In fact I have a similar shape 6118- (6119 like yours but day only) that I may just fix up tonight - you have inspired me !
I think on the early 6119 the quickset is date only. I could be wrong though!
Yes, my 1969 6119 watch has a quickset for date only :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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