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KS 5256 Vanac - wrong movement?

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Here's a picture of the movement in my 1973 KS Vanac 'Special' 5256-6010.
The rotor is marked 5206A..? I don't think this is right.

What do you guys think:

a. Is this OK and as it should be?

b. Has the rotor been switched at some time?

c. Has the whole movement been switched at some time?

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It's hard to tell by looking but this sure does look as if it could be the proper 5256 with the wrong rotor, or a full 5206.

The key is that the 5256 is simply a higher grade movement than the 5206. As such the rotor can be swapped with ease. They may be the case here, or it could be the whole movement is 5206.

Can you post another pic with the rotor on the other side so we can see the rest of the movement?

Does your dial indicate Chronometer ? If so the movement should be 5256 with a corresponding unique ID number stamped on the movement bridge. Can't tell from here.
I haven't got a tool for taking the back off (the picture I posted was from the seller when I bought it several years ago).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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