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I bought a couple of cheapie 6309 watches, primarily to break for parts (to use in my 7548 collection). The first was a 6309-8500 with a rather nice pepsi dial.

The second a 6309-5080 which was definitely going to be a donor.

When they arrived, I popped their backs off and was pleasantly surprised to find really clean movements in both - no debris, no evidence of corrosion just lovely 6309 movements :)

I wound them both, set them to correct time and date and let them run. A day later they were both running strong, within 30 seconds of each other and just less than a minute fast.

I couldn't break these up :(

New crystals (thanks very much Stefan!!), a case and bracelet clean and polish and here we go:


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Thats it ....

When they are in pictures they dont really look all that.
But when they arrive , man we have different thoughts.
Those are real nice and worth using , and they areagain
Beauties to be hold.
Great investment those two.
Well done Sir, enjoy them.
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