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Just picked up a Citizen Skyhawk AT

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Just picked up a Citizen Skyhawk AT and this baby is solid. Feels about as heavy as the Seiko Monster. Big for me at 45mm not including the crown, but it wears nice. Lots of details on the dial and the chrome trimmed subdials are nice. Feature wise it has just about everything you could ever need...atomic/solar, chrono, timer, 2 alarms, world timer, backlit LCD, 3 time zone display. I thought I'd never get a watch with a slide rule as I thought they were silly. I still think they are silly, but on this model it works well with the design. I think Citizen succeeded in making this watch feel more like and instrument than a time piece. Bracelet is very nice with lots of little details. Looks more Swiss to me than Japanese. I don't think I'll need another multi-function quartz. At least until I can afford one of those sweet JDM Attesa models.

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sir nhoj, how much did u get it for? going to singapore this week, will be watch hunting again, thanks ;)
bob1951 said:
congrats, wear it in good health.
thanks doctor.
vanexel said:
sir nhoj, how much did u get it for? going to singapore this week, will be watch hunting again, thanks ;)
Oh, I don't actually pay for my watches. They just sorta wind up in my pocket as I walk out the door. Just kidding. I happened to catch a sale on amazon for the cheapest gray market price seen on ebay except it comes with the Citizen warranty.
Splendid choice my friend. I wish you many years of sheer enjoyment with this watch.
Good choice, I always come back to the one I own. Welcome to the club, enjoy.
Great watch. I owned the titanium version and it was fantastic in fact that I became scared to wear it anywhere except for around the house, so I flipped it. :(

Nothing wrong with the watch of was plenty rugged....I'm just a clumsy sod and knew in the long run it wouldn't fit with my wearing habits. But I still think about that sucker...oh yes, the dial I once thought overly busy soon hypnotized me with its charms.
Really nice, congratulations! I want one, I think I am going to get the black version.
That does look nice John yeehaw!!

How bout that wrist shot O0
one of those technological marvels!
Wear it in good health!
looked for it on the net, costs around 400-500$, will definitely take a closer look at it when i get to singapore this week, i really like it!! great looking watch!! 8)
Welcome to the AT club!

I like 'em so much I got 2.... The steel and the Ti version. (Actually I got 2 because they they both came at a GREAT deal at a pawn shop)

Got the steel back on it's bracelet now, after buying a couple links from Citizen....

But have been favoring the ti version lately for it's awesome lightness...
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I hope it's the european version? I mean with sapphire?
Here is its JDM cousin, the Citizen Attesa ATV53-3022:

For a few months, I used to have a Skyhawk AT (Check my video review in the reviews section) and I can attest to the goodness of these watches. These are some of Citizens finest timepieces currently being made. :)
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whitemonster said:
I hope it's the european version? I mean with sapphire?
Nope. He got the US version in SS with mineral crystal Model # JY0000-53E.

For another $80-$100 he can send the watch back to COA in California and have them install the OEM sapphire crystal, do a pressure test all while preserving the 5 year warranty. Still much cheaper than sourcing the Asian/Japan market version of this watch at a considerable higher cost.

That's an excellent choice, wear it in good health!

It appears to be VERY solid, what's the gram weight on it?

All around beautiful choice!

Angelis ;D
If you don't like the Skyhawk AT, Citizen in Japan just released these new Promaster ana-digi pilots using the U680 module with Titanium + Duratect construction....

Model number is PMV65-2271 and the price is USD $800. Currently sold only in Japan.

Here is the leather strap version:

Model #PMV65-2272. Price USD $740
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