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Just found an interesting "Baby Tuna Wan-To-Be aka Baby Tuna alternative !!"

I am going to keep it as a "Guess the watch ?" for a few days, before posting more pictures. Sorry for the suspense, but lets make it interesting !

Guess the watch !

-its round
-its big
-its a chrono / 3 buttons
-it has a plastic shroud
-it has a non rotating bezel
-it has 3D raise indice
-it has wave logo back case

*another hint : its a Seiko's sub brand !

Some teaser pic


I am impressed aurelius has guessed it right !

Yes, its an Alba ~ !


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And while we are talking about Seiko's Alba brand, here is a Japan domestic model of a inexpensive chrono. I found it used and grabbed it. Alba also has ROOX brand name !.... The dial is very legible and the hands really pop out...

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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