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I always wear mine right in the middle of the wrist joint that way when the size is set and I am so pinicky about the size, it has to be perfect, not too tight and not too loose, i don't want my circulation cutting off but I also hate my watch to flop about or slide up my arm at all and it has to sit as near as possible in the middle of my wrist.

I see in some of the pictures guys wear them up the arm, that would drive me mad :)

Apart from being "sick" I think we or at least I can be anal :)


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Mine are adjusted to sit snug on the wrist, with the case lug/bracelet just forward of the carpal bone. (the knobbley bit that sticks out of the wrist)
The only problem is that 3 o'clock crowns tend to dig in to the back of the my hand unless they are recessed into the case, ditto with crown guards at 3.0 o'clock.
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Apologies to all who have posted already but I'm the exact opposite.

I like my bracelets loose.

Room for at least one, preferably two, fingers between wrist and bracelet when arm is held level and bracelet "dangles".
Not so slack that watch will rotate past the carpal bone though.
( thanks for the technical term there ivor )

If I'm wearing a nato/zulu slightly tighter but still room to move about.

I'm wondering why I prefer loose to properly fitting now !

Kind Regards


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Yes Tony in hot & humid countries its a norm....

I wear my watch on right wrist (when I am wearing full sleeves shirt the one on each wrist ;)), I am not a big bracelet fan (hairy wrists) so mostly wear them on leather strap. Not too tight or snug... not too loose...

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slightly Snug or

Here its Humid also so slightly snug and a little movable up or down
the wrist slightly. I prefer bracelets over straps, so they are lightly
loose. Straps here get all the Muck collected then they get eventually
My diving watchs though all have Solid bracelets similar to the ( J. J.).. ones.
I make them myself out of Stainless Steel strips, so they are good in use.
So far I have about (8) made and they work just fine. Salt water is a killer
for rubber or PVD ones.
Some I have made out of heavy Nylon straps and they work good also.
Its only for diving so it is very good to use. All my (3) Main divers I have drilled out lug's
and installed ( Tapped Threads for Screw In Stainless Steel Pin's ) because I don't want
to loose them in any way. ( Just precaution of mine. )
I have made Adapters that slip into the Lug's to install the screws in them.
I experimented with one watch head to slip into a Two Piece Case for more protection in
I milled down the outside of a 6309 -7290 case to drop into the new case halves, locked
with two screws, recessed for the crown that has a pressed on ..........
(Tubular Extended Adapter for the Crown Head on it.
My diving partner, she liked them so she uses them for her.
Case looks like the .... ( Citizens Swan Watch ) but Two Pieced....
( Lug to Lug Split down the center, with center alignment Tangs for tight fit.. )
Could not find one so I made Two of them, One out of Stainless and another of Air Craft Aluminum.

Had to keep busy doing something.
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